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  • Terms of Service

  • 1. Our Alexa rank services are based on safe improvement technics, not fast/insecure/cheap services.

    2. The price you see on the service page is only for one-month improvement. However, the whole process to improve for your desired Alexa rank can take a few months (according to the service page and your order).

    3. After placing the order, it is possible you see the starting of Alexa rank improvement in two weeks because the Alexa website has a delay to show new updates. That's why we accept a request to cancel/refund, only if you placed the order at least two weeks ago, and the Alexa rank did not start improving.

    4. Your Global and USA Alexa ranks improve at the same time.

    5. When your Global Alexa rank is still above 1M, sometimes you see Global Alexa rank improvement, but not USA Alexa rank improvement.

    6. When your Global Alexa rank is under 1M, sometimes you see USA Alexa rank improvement, but not Global Alexa rank improvement until two weeks.

    7. When your Alexa rank improvement was inactive for a few weeks/months, the Alexa rank you see is not real, but it is old and the real rank is much more than what you see. That's why it is possible you still see decreasing of Global Alexa rank for two weeks. However, the USA Alexa rank starts improving sooner, and it is a sign that your Global Alexa rank will stop decreasing and will improve again in the next days.

    8. If we promise to improve your Global/USA Alexa rank in a few months, then you only can expect to gain that desired rank after those a few months, if you place orders on-time, not a few weeks/months later. For example, for improving your Alexa rank to 20K in four months, you need to place an order for each month on-time (not with delay). And there is no special guarantee for each month, but the only guarantee is for 20K and in four months.

    9. If for example, you have an order for Alexa rank 20K in four months, and in four months you did not get 20K, then we will continue improvement regardless of time and without an extra fee.

    10. If for any reason we do not be able to improve your Alexa rank for the desired rank you placed an order for, we will inform you, and we will refund 100% for the last month improvement which could not be completed.

    11. We always try to do our best and even do more than what we promise. And if a customer expects more than this and tries to do not pay for our work or tries to push us to do much more out of his/her order ( without paying its cost), we will not accept any order from him/her anymore.

    12. We are always welcome you to report any problem, and we will try our best to support/help you and solve the problem in the best way possible.